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17220 New Halls Ferry Road
Florissant, MO 63034
4 miles north of Lindbergh (Hwy 67)
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17220 New Halls Ferry Road
Florissant, MO 63034
4 miles north of Lindbergh (Hwy 67)
(314) 838-2021

dog kennel in st louis mo

About Baronwood Kennels | Meet Our Staff

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"Our Auntie and Uncle own Baronwood Kennels. We stayed July 17, 18, 19, 20, & 21st. We knew we would get the bestest care because of the new owners,(our auntie & uncle) The staff at Baronwood spoiled us so much. We had another spa day before our mom picked us up. We can't wait to come back!"

Samson, Delilah, & Selena, St Louis Mo  

"Have taken my dogs to Baronwood for years. All my dogs enjoy "their vacation" and have always been happy leaving me for their stay. Highly recommend. (And I am particular!) I feel they give great care to all the animals that board there."
Thank You,
Carolyn Philpot, St Louis Mo

"I always take my dogs to Baronwood - THEY love it, and I feel very secure knowing their doggy hotel stay will be fantastic. 

We've tried other kennels, and Baronwood Kennels is the cleanest and most reliable in the St Louis area."

Thank You,
Sammy, St Louis Mo

"Thanks to Kat and JJ for the great treatment of my dogs while being groomed or nails done. They know my dogs very well. Sometimes my little chihuahua (Samson) can be a little stinker, but he is comfortable with them. Delilah is my little screamer when having nails done, you would think Kat is pulling them out one by one. Selena is my princess and drama queen and can be a little snitty. They know all three of my dogs and handles them as there personality dictates. I am going to board my dogs at Baronwood because I am so comfortable with the staff."

Thank You,
Cheryl Rauch, St Louis Mo
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dog kennel in st louis mo
cat kennel in st louis mo
Boarding Dogs and Cats in St Louis MO
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Sunday & Major Holidays - Closed

To better serve you, our customers, phones are not answered until 9:00 AM
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Terrie started working at Baronwood Kennels in 1999 as a kennel worker, taking care of the dogs and cats. When the original owners decided to retire in 2007, she loved the place so much that she bought it to make sure the pets who stayed here would continue to receive the quality care Baronwood’s customers had come to expect. She loves to say, “I started by scooping poop, and now I own the place.”

Prior to joining Baronwood, Terrie owned an antique business and bartended for 94th Aero Squadron. With her previous experience running a business, tending to customers, and taking care of animals, she was a natural fit to take over as Baronwood’s owner.
Terrie loves a story with a happy ending, so it’s no surprise she’s a big supporter of St Louis rescue organizations such as Stray Rescue of St Louis.  One of the few major changes Terrie implemented after taking over ownership was to improve the business’ relationship with rescue groups. She and her husband Brian attend several benefits for rescue groups every year and have even hosted pet events for rescue groups at Baronwood Kennels. Furthermore, she increased Baronwood’s participation in the Florissant Fall Festival by becoming a corporate sponsor and creating a popular raffle and craft sale. She donates all of the proceeds from Baronwood’s booth at the festival to a dog-related charity.
Terrie lives with her husband (Brian), Pam (a muppet-like rescue dog), and the world's most evil cat (Louis).  


JJ began her career teaching Writing Composition and Management Communications at the college level in New Orleans in 1997. In 2003, after a two-year apprenticeship at Phydeaux’s, she began teaching dog owners how to train their dogs. She joined Baronwood in October 2005 after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her home. Over the years, she has taught dog owners with a wide variety of breeds and mixes.

JJ currently lives with three borzoi, Venus, Grendel, 
and Tigger.  Borzoi are an unusual choice for a dog 
trainer because they have been bred for centuries 
to make their own decisions, not to take direction 
from people. However, she loves the challenge of 
working with them and finds their personalities are 
a perfect match for her sense of humor. She has 
also had mixed breeds and cats whom she 
rescued directly from the street.

JJ competes with her dogs in obedience, rally, 
conformation, lure coursing, and straight racing 
and has trained in tracking, K-9 nosework, and 
agility. She is a member of the Borzoi Club of 
America and St. Louis Area Sighthounds, 
where she sits on the Board of Directors.

JJ holds a B.A. in Classics (Greco-Roman stuff) from 
Westminster College and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing 
from the University of New Orleans. When not working 
with dogs or attending dog events, she enjoys watching 
anything written by Aaron Sorkin, reading about crazy 
Roman Emperors, and trying to write cool sonnets. 
 Secretly, she likes really bad romantic comedies.

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Kat has been grooming dogs and cats since 2004 
and has worked in the animal industry since 1994. 
She joined Baronwood in 2008 and quickly turned 
the grooming department into her own dynasty. She 
enjoys grooming because it allows her to combine 
her love of dogs with her creative streak. At home 
she lives in the Land of the Little Dogs, which includes 
Tank, a long coat Chihuahua, Piper, an affenpinscher, 
Albert, a Pomeranian, and Renfield, a Brussels/pug 
mix. She also has a cat, two rats, and 17 fish. She 
spends her free time as a human border collie, 
trying to herd the many animals that don’t reach her 
knees. She also loves reptiles and amphibians and 
has been known to rehab them over the winter so 
that they can be released back into the wild. When 
Kat isn’t working with animals, she likes reading 
horror novels and dreaming of the day the zombie 
apocalypse happens.

J.J. is the director of training @ Baronwood Kennels
About Baronwood Kennels in North County St Louis County MO
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Karla Smith, D.V.M.
Kat Trigg-Dog Groomer @ Baronwood Kennels