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Call (314) 838-2021 to make an appointment, and feel free to as for Kat if you have any questions for her or to discuss grooming instructions.

Nail trimming is also available without an appointment, but we recommend calling ahead to make sure Kat will have time to take care of your pet on that day.


BATH AND BRUSH: For bathing, we use the Hydrosurge system, which produces a whirlpool jet action that enhances the effectiveness of shampoos while gently removing loose hairs for the healthiest skin possible. This package also includes a thorough brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. Anal gland expression is available upon request. Rates vary depending on the type of coat, condition, size, and behavior of the dog. An extra charge will be added if your dog is excessively matted or if you wish for your dog to have a de-shed treatment.


HAIRCUTS: Every dog will receive a bath, brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trim. The hairs on our dog will be cut and styled according to your directions. Rates vary according to the size and behavior of your dog as well as the difficulty of the desired haircut.


NAIL TRIMMING:  We take walk-ins for nail trimming, except on Wednesdays and Sundays. You may also request to have your dog’s nails trimmed while he or she boards with us.


CATS:  Cats may be bathed and/or shaved. Every cat who receives grooming will be thoroughly brushed and have his or her nails trimmed and ears cleaned, unless otherwise instructed by the owner.


POCKET PETS: Kat is able to groom ferrets, guinea pigs, and similar animals.


ADD ONS:  Specialty shampoos and conditioners, teeth brushing, facial treatments, paw scrubs for irritation from rock salt, and nail grinding are available with every grooming.  
Specialty shampoos and conditioners include:

  • De-matting conditioner.  The De-matting conditioner helps loosen mats in your dog’s coat, making your dog easier to brush through, thus lessening the cost to de-mat your pet. This conditioner is also beneficial for older dogs with dry, flaky skin.

  • Cucumber/Melon—shampoo, conditioner, and finishing spray. The Cucumber/Melon formula contains oatmeal for sensitive and irritated skin.

  • For Him (smells like Axe body spray)—shampoo, conditioner, and finishing spray.  The For Him also contains oatmeal for sensitive and irritated skin but with a masculine scent.4.

  • Almond/Cherry—shampoo, conditioner, and finish spray. The Almond/Cherry is hypoallergenic and contains silk proteins that work as super moisturizers.

  • Seasonal shampoos and conditioners.  Call for details.

  • Flea shampoo.  The flea shampoo is all natural and does not pose a danger to your pets the way some dips do. It is even safe for puppies and kittens.

  • Skunk shampoo. The skunk shampoo helps rid your dog of skunk smell and can also be used for other strong, foul odors.

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17220 New Halls Ferry Road
Florissant, MO 63034
4 miles north of Lindbergh (Hwy 67)
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17220 New Halls Ferry Road
Florissant, MO 63034
4 miles north of Lindbergh (Hwy 67)
(314) 838-2021

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