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17220 New Halls Ferry Road
Florissant, MO 63034
4 miles north of Lindbergh (Hwy 67)
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Facility

Boarding Dogs and Cats in St Louis MO
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Why don’t you answer your phones until 9:00 a.m.?
The office is usually very busy when we open at 8:30, so we focus on taking care of the customers in the office so that they can get on the road or make their flights on time.

Do you sell puppies?
No, we are a boarding kennel, not a breeding kennel. If you are looking to purchase a puppy, we recommend you go to and look up the breed that interests you. On the breed page, you should see a link to the breed club. Every breed club maintains a breeder referral list of members in good standing who have signed the club’s code of ethics. We suggest you contact the breed club for a referral.
If you need help finding a good breeder, please feel free to call the office and ask for J.J. She would be happy to give you tips on what to look for when searching for a good breeder.

Do you have dogs available for adoption?
No, we are not an animal shelter. If you are looking to adopt a dog, we recommend you visit or . You can also use to search for adoptable dogs in the St. Louis area.


Do I need a reservation? If so, how far in advance do I need to make one?
Yes, you need a reservation. We have no specific requirements regarding how far in advance you make a reservation. However, the kennel sometimes books up, especially during holidays and summer weekends, so we recommend you call us as soon as you finalize plans for your trip. If you need to board your pet in an emergency, you can call us at the last minute, and as long as we have room, we will take your pet.

What shots does my pet need to have?
Dogs need rabies, the distemper-parvo combo shot, and bordetella. Cats need rabies and the distemper combo shot.

I lost my records. Can I bring you the rabies tag?
No, the tag only shows the year; we need the paperwork with the actual date of vaccination.

Can I have my vet fax the shot records to you if I can no longer find my copy?
Yes, our fax number is (314) 838-5902.

Will you accept a distemper-parvo titer test instead of the shot?

Do you accept three year vaccinations?

My vet does not normally give my dog the bordetella vaccine. Why does my dog have to have that one?
State law requires that all dogs have the bordetella vaccine to stay in a kennel.

Can you give my pet the vaccinations needed for boarding at Baronwood Kennels?
No, we do not offer veterinary services. We know of a number of wonderful vets in the area; please feel free to call for a recommendation if you need one.

Do your kennel buildings have heat and air conditioning?
Yes, all of our buildings have central air and central heat.

How often will my dog be able to go outside?
Dogs are let out four times a day, and the amount of time they spend outside is based on weather. When the weather is nice, they stay out for some time, but when the weather would make dogs uncomfortable, they are let out to take care of business and quickly brought back inside.

Why don’t you leave the doors open so that my dog can go out whenever he wants to do so?
We want the dogs to be comfortable, and leaving the doors open would defeat the purpose of the previously mentioned central air and central heat.

Do you take pit bulls?

My dog doesn't get along with other dogs. Will that be a problem?
No, we don’t put your dog with other clients’ dogs.

My dog doesn't like people other than me. Can he still board there?
Yes. We are set up to board unfriendly dogs in the regular kennel. Please let us know ahead of time so that we can be ready when you bring in your dog.

I see that you are closed on Saturday evenings, Sundays, and major holidays. Does anyone take care of the dogs on those days?
Yes, the staff members who take care of the dogs still work their regular shifts, but the rest of the staff does not, so we do not have office workers, the groomer, or the trainer here at those times.

Can I bring in my dog’s regular food?
Yes. We encourage you to bring in your dog’s regular food because then he will not experience the digestive upset that frequently occurs when a dog switches food.

If I forget to bring my dog’s food, will you still feed him?
Yes, we will feed him our food according to your instructions. The cost is $1 per feeding per pet.

What time do you feed the dogs?
Dogs are fed at approximately 8:00 a.m. and again at approximately 5:00 p.m. If your dog needs a feeding in the middle of the day, just let us know. We do the mid-day feeding around noon.

Can you give my pet medication, and what is the cost for giving it?
Yes, we can give your pet medication. We charge $1 per day for most meds and $2 per shot for insulin shots for dogs. We cannot give insulin shots to cats.

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Does my pet need a reservation for grooming?
Yes, the groomer’s schedule fills, so please call the office to make an appointment.

What time do I need to drop my dog off for his grooming appointment?
Drop-off for grooming is between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. If you need to drop off at another time, please call Kat to make other arrangements.

How will I know when my pet is finished with grooming and is ready to be picked up?
We will call you when your pet is ready to go home. You have from the time we call until closing to pick up your pet, so if you are busy when we call, you don’t need to drop everything to pick up your dog right away. 

If my dog only needs his nails trimmed, do I need an appointment?
No, the groomer can usually fit in a nail trim without an appointment. However, we recommend you call ahead to make sure she will have time.

Does your groomer do cats, rabbits, or ferrets?

Why doesn’t you offer grooming on Wednesdays?
The groomer receives fewer requests for Wednesday than for any other day of the week, so her days off are Wednesday and Sunday.

Do I need to board my pet to have it groomed?
No, the groomer accepts outside clients as well as boarding clients.

What shots does my pet need to receive grooming?
For grooming, we require proof that the rabies vaccination is up to date.

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Do I need an appointment for dog training?
Yes, if you call the office, the trainer will schedule an appointment for you.

Do I need to bring or buy any special equipment for dog training?
No, you can bring your dog on whatever collar you usually walk him on and a regular (non-flexi leash). The trainer will sometimes recommend a change in equipment but not until after watching you work with your dog.

Will the trainer tell me my dog needs a shock collar?
No, not ever.

I know your trainer does clicker training. Will I be required to buy a clicker? Will I have to use a clicker if I don’t want to use one?
No, you’ll be able to use your voice instead of a clicker if you prefer to do so.

I’ve never heard of clicker training. What is it?
Clicker training uses small device to make a clicking sound that lets the dog know he did a behavior correctly and has earned a reward. Unlike your voice, the click always sounds the same, no matter kind of day you’re having. It also makes a unique sound that does not sound like everyday family chatter. As a result, your dog will be able to learn faster if you use a clicker than he will if you just say, “good dog.”

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels, Grooming, and Dog Training